Monday, January 22, 2007

Disco Love

I'm a sucker for vintage 70's novelty print button down shirts. I can't resist their over sized collars and body hugging fabric and cut. The crazier the print the better as far as I'm concerned! Really there's no better way to stand out in a crowd than with a sexy 70's disco shirt covered in bright day glow mushrooms such as this one featured in our store. It even has french cuffs! I'm totally in love.

These cute novelty prints were also very popular with the men in the 70's. I come across the men's styles in my buying trips from time to time and they are quickly snagged by my boyfriend! If you're looking for great men's disco shirts (and yes the ladies can wear them too!) I highly recommend the totally groovy folks over at Check out the amazing print on their "High Priestess" shirt. It was almost impossible to pick just one to show you here. Their selection is HUGE and totally drool worthy!

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