Thursday, May 29, 2008

Music Fix- The Clash

Classic, Clash, 1977 Manchester, "Janie Jones". Perfect.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

eVintage Blog Tag- Haute Halter

Ang at the eVintage blog,Vintage or Bust, has tagged me to talk a bit about halters.

Temperatures are rising and its time to show some skin! The halter neckline is a great way to leave a little to the imagination while exposing enough to stay cool and stylish. Lets talk halters!

1) Show us your favorite halter dress or top in your inventory (if you don’t have one, show us one another eVintage member has!)

We're a bit low on halters right now so I found this amazing vintage 70's tropical halter top and matching wrap skirt at the always awesome eHappy Vintage.

2)Marilyn rocked the halter bodice back in the 50s, but it came back big in the 70s…..which is your favorite era for the halter?

I love the 50's and Marilyn, but I'm more of a 70's kinda gal.

3)Bare backs are vulnerable, what’s your suggestion for protecting skin from the sun?

I burn in two seconds flat so you'll always find me in the shade! I also love the idea of a sun parasol.

4)Halter as top or dress, whats your preference?

You can't beat a good halter dress!

5)A bra can be a challenge… suggestion for support?

For those lucky enough to get away with it I say go without! For those like me who have no choice in the matter this backless, halter neck bra looks like it might just do the trick!

Now lets see what Holly at Confessions of a Fashion Diva has to say about halters!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Featured Item - 70's Smocked Sun Dress L-1X

I'm so in love with this weeks feature! It's an adorable vintage 70's sun dress in a great paisley floral print with a smocked bodice and in a larger size to boot! SOLD

We think it would look smashing with-

* Gorgeous vintage 70's red wedge sandals, size 8.5 N, from eBay seller loft001.

* A darling red woven vintage purse from eBay seller rosemaryproductions.

* Fab golden bee necklace from

* Plastic bangle bracelets in blue (they also have red and green!) from

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Music Fix - The Flying Lizards

From 1979, The Flying Lizards classic post modern take on the song "Money".

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

eVintage Blog Tag - Slip of a Thing

This week Ang at the eVintage, Vintage or Bust! blog is talking about vintage slips.

The vintage slip. A demure, innocent and simple concoction of fabric and lace….from vintage nylon to sleek, curve hugging vintage rayon to rustling, party ready vintage taffeta. A garment once not considered an option for women wearing a dress or skirt that has become a garment that is actually an option to be WORN as a dress or skirt. Vintage lingerie lovers…..lets talk slips!

1) Show us your favorite vintage slip in your inventory (if you don’t have one, show us one another eVintage member has!)

I no longer sell slips (though I have some I need to lot up and sell soon!). I found this gorgeous cherry red, chiffon trimmed, vintage 50's Van Raalte slip at Senorita Hollywood Vintage.

2) Lace trim or chiffon trim? Whats your favorite?

I'm quite partial to chiffon. It's so etheral and sweet.

3)Colors or neutrals, whats your preference?

You can't go wrong with black, but when it comes to pretty vintage slips I love finding pinks and other bright colors.

4)Favorite label in vintage lingerie? (Vintage Vanity Fair, Vassarette, Movie Star, Barbizon….)

Vanity Fair and Van Raalte never disappoint!

5)Full slip or half?

Full are always prettier.

6)Slips worn as dresses in public…..yea or nay?

Heck yeah! I'm all for wearing what ever makes you happy!

Now hop on over to see Holly at Confessions of a Fashion Diva!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Featured Item - 70's/80's Strappy Swimsuit XS SOLD

It's getting hot around here so this week we're featuring a fabulous vintage 70's/80's new old stock swimsuit. I love the keyhole and the warm tones of the stripe print!

We think it would look sweet paired up with:

* A big floppy straw beach hat from

* Gold etched bangles from

* Vintage 70's ankle strap sandals, size 7, from Rewind Minneapolis.

* Tribal wood earrings from

* Baja beach tote from

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Music Fix- Chic

From 1979, the always fabulously dressed, Chic, with one of the greatest disco songs ever, "Le Freak".

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

eVintage Blog Tag- Sinatra Chic

Its Blog Tag Wednesday at the eVintage Society!

Out of 50,000 suggested faces to place on a United States Postage stamp each year, only 20 are selected. This year, on the 10 year anniversary of FRANK SINATRA’S death, the USPS issued a stamp honoring Ol’ Blue Eyes. Ang at Vintage or Bust! has tagged me to talk a bit about Sinatra's style.

1) Show your favorite Rat Pack look in your inventory (early 60s suit, fedora, tie, cufflinks, loop collar shirt…..)

I don't sell mens clothing, but I can totally see this hip vintage Hawaiian shirt from Empress Jade Vintage hanging out poolside in Vegas.

2) Favorite Sinatra song?

Ahhh how can I choose?! I really dig his version of "The Song is You".

3) Favorite Rat Pack member? (Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr. or Peter Lawford)

Absolutely Frank!

4) Best Sinatra “era”? (40s young & skinny, 50s swingin’ crooner or 60s Rat Pack suave?)

Again so hard to choose! I guess I'd have to go with 60's Rat Pack suave.

5) Favorite Sinatra wife? (Nancy, Ava Gardner, Mia Farrow or Barbara)

The (then) young and always sweet, Mia Farrow.

6) Been to Vegas, how many times and best Vegas story (keep it clean!)

Never! I would have loved to have seen it back in the day, but these days it's just become too "amusement park" for my tastes.

Now let's check in with Holly at Confessions of A Fashion Diva!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Featured Item - 70's Goddess Patio Dress L SOLD

Oh how I wish I was taller! This weeks feature item is an amazing vintage 70's flowy maxi length patio dress. It has gorgeous fluttery kimono sleeves and a soft smoky gray and plum leaf print.

We paired it up with:

* Yummy, strappy vintage platform sandals, size 7.5, from Antkrsales Vintage Estate Treasures.

* GORGEOUS vintage Mexican silver leaf bracelet with abalone inlay from eBay seller smileysplace.

* Beautiful vintage boho style pendant necklace from eBay seller visforviva.

* Topped off with a lovely purple lily hair clip from

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Music Fix - Motley Crue

From 1982, back when the Motley Crue boys were quite the dark, hair rockin' dandies (and at the height of their glory, if you ask me!); here's "Live Wire". I'm seriously coveting Vince Neil's shiny belts and studded vest!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

eVintage Blog Tag- Swim With the Fishes!

Ang at the eVintage, Vintage or Bust! blog is talking about vintage swimsuits this week...


I'm actually just about to list some sweet vintage NOS 80's swimsuits. Right now the site is a bit low on swimwear, but this mint condition ultra glam criss-cross suit is awesome! My inner 80's girl reallllly wishes this would fit/look good on me...sigh.


I don't have a favorite era to sell, I love them all!! As far as wearing goes; my curvy body type prefers the 50's curve flattering styles.


Don't really have one. If it's cute I'll take it!


Ack, I'm not a resort kinda gal. Just put me on the beach in Key West and I'll be a happy camper!


Put me on the beach in Key West with a PINA COLADA and I'll be a VERY happy camper!


I seriously haven't worn a bikini since I was 4! One piece all the way for me, unless cutoff jeans and a tank top count. :)

Now let's go see how Holly at Confessions of a Fashion Diva feels about swimwear.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Featured Item - 80's Strapless Pink Dress XS-S

This weeks feature is a darling vintage 80's strapless dress in shocking pink. It's sweetheart bodice and full skirt are absolutely perfect for spring!

We paired it up with:

* Super CUTE vintage 80's teal sandals, size 7.5, from eBay seller 205davidh.

* Cameo lucite bracelet in teal from

* Vintage Mexican straw beach bag from eBay seller klbklw1.

* Clear umbrella (comes in a rainbow of colors!) from

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Music Fix- Amii Stewart

The gorgeous Amii Stewart does a great job of evoking the "Studio 54" era with her disco classic "Knock on Wood".