Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nautical by Nature

I can't help it. The sea calls to me! I have a delightful weakness for all things nautical. I don't feel that nautical fashion is ever really out of season, but the cool fall air (ohhh how I can't wait for some COOL fall air!)really gets me in the mood for cozy sea themed attire.

Etsy is a virtual treasure trove of oceanic delights...

From Funkoma Vintage an incredibly cute and very wearable vintage 70s sailor dress. $27

This killer vintage blouse is covered in sailboats, from Kitsch 'n Kaboodle. On sale for just $9!!

Seriously awesome vintage seagull purse from Attic Goods. $40

Perfect vintage 70s red double breasted raincoat from Digs of Vaudeville. $30

This sweet little blue vintage sailboat pin is a perfect compliment for the raincoat above! From Dear Golden. $12

Happy Sailing!


Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

I love your choice of vintage nautical wear. I feel like getting a bucket and spade and taking a trip to the seaside now!

Jen B said...

Thanks Louise! I'm way overdue for a trip to the shore myself.