Wednesday, June 11, 2008

eVintage Blog Tag - In The Swing

Time for my weekly blog tag from Ang at the eVintage blog, Vintage or Bust!.

"Fans of the 70s, rejoice!! Last week CBS premiered a new series called SWING TOWN. Set in 1976, the show features 3 couples and their families…..a childless couple with loads of money, toys and an open marriage….a young couple with a teenage boy trying to define their relationship….and a more conservative couple facing a changing world. It also features some fab 70s clothes and music! Lets talk 70s!"

1) Show us your favorite 70s piece in your inventory, mens, womens, dress, lingerie…..whatever you LOVE!

Right now my favorite is this gorgeous vintage 70's maxi dress with a sweet cherry blossom print.

2) Define disco wear as YOU see it.

Fluttery, glittery, low cut, flowing jersey dresses!

3) What was your favorite look of the 70s? The maxi dress? Bell bottoms? Culottes? Do tell.

I really love the fluttery, split sleeve disco dresses. I also love maxi's, but unfortunately I'm way too short and top heavy for them!

4) Your neighbors invite you to a wild party where there may be disco music. Do you go?

Ummm...YES!! Most definitely if roller skates are involved!

5) Grant Show. Sexy then? Sexy now? No idea?

Mehhhh, not my type at all.

6) Romantic Gunne Sax Prairie/Renn Queen or Disco Diva? Whats your style?

I'm way more disco diva than boho flower child, but I'm all about dressing to suit my mood so Gunne Sax is not out of the question.

Time to hop over to see Holly at Confessions of a Fashion Diva to continue this game of tag!

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