Wednesday, April 23, 2008

eVintage Blog Tag- I Want Candy!

Ang at the eVintage blog, Vintage or Bust, has tagged me to answer some candy colored questions this week.

1)The colors of CANDY! What’s your favorite candy colored vintage piece in your collection?

This vintage 60's ultra vivid Hawaiian baby-doll mini dress is so sweet it hurts!

vintage 60's vivid floral Hawaiian babydoll mini dress

2)What’s the sweetest accessory you’re offering right now, or if you don’t have one for sale, tell us about one of your own!

This vintage chunky marbled orange bead necklace really does look good enough to eat!

vintage chunky marbled orange bead necklace

3) Sweet tooth? What’s your favorite candy?

I'm not picky when it comes to candy...anything chocolate will do!

4)Ice cream…..chocolate or strawberry, and why?

I recently discovered that Dairy Queen has created a truly beautiful thing called the chocolate covered strawberry waffle bowl sunday. I'm hooked!

5) “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, classic film or Johnny Depp re-make….and why?

I think the Johnny Depp re-make had a lot of potential and was truer to the original story, but having grown up loving the original I can't help but prefer it.

6)Is your personal style sweet or salty? Explain!

Salty punk with a dash of girlish sweetness!

Now let's head over to Confessions of a Fashion Diva to see what Holly has to say!

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